Relocating your business or opening a branch in the UAE is a new development opportunity for your company: new markets, new clients and partners. It is an opportunity to take your company to the next level.

Amid the unstable political and economic situation, devaluation of currencies and growth of other risks, many business owners consider moving their companies abroad. And the future prospects depend on where exactly you decide to "land" your company. It is important to pick a country that will become a new launchpad of growth for your business. We strongly suggest Dubai and the broader UAE.

Business relocation to the UAE

Safe business relocation to Dubai

Business immigration to Dubai is appealing because of the calm political environment, safe and friendly society, high living standards, a large flow of tourists and a well-established expats community.

The UAE boast a stable financial system, unhindered movement of capital and does not have tax on profits and dividends. As an entrepreneur, you can freely establish cooperation with all EU countries, the US and the Gulf states, where companies from
the UAE are treated with trust and respect.

The UAE business environment is much safer and offers more opportunities than that in Europe or the US, where, in addition to high taxes and bureaucracy, economic realities are increasingly turbulent.

It is especially difficult for citizens of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine to relocate to Europe and the US given the current geopolitical situation. However, you won’t face any such problems in the UAE. Moreover, having started the process of business relocation to the UAE, you can obtain a residence permit (Emirates ID) and essentially become a local. The EU, for instance, does not offer such opportunities.

DUWAY Consult will help you relocate your business to Dubai, Abu Dhabi or another emirate of choice. We will ensure a comfortable and safe relocation of your business and assets to the UAE and will accompany you throughout the entire relocation process.


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