DUWAY Consult offers a full range of legal and consulting services on company registration and business relocation to the UAE.

in the UAE

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Company Registration in Free Zone
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Our business support services

Business license

Court advocacy

Resident visa, Emirates ID

Business Relocation

Bank account

Relocating an existing business to the UAE is one of the most popular requests we get. We will help you with all inquiries and calculate the risks.

You will need a bank account with a reliable bank in order to do business in the UAE. We will help you open such an account.

Legal business activities in the UAE are impossible without a business license.

Every business needs legal support, which we will be happy to provide for you.

We can help you obtain visas and Emirates IDs in UAE for yourself, your family members and employees.

Company Registration

Company registration in Dubai and the broader UAE opens up great opportunities for almost any business.


Why choose DUWAY Consult?


Many years of experience and hundreds of clients from all over the world. Our managers are ready to advise you in Russian, English, French and Arabic. Our legal collaborators are intimately familiar with the local laws, processes and departments, which is vital for finding quick and efficient solutions to your inquiries. This guarantees a successful outcome in the shortest possible timeframe.

Wide range of services
Best price guaranteed
20 years of successful work

DUWAY Consult provides services directly. Therefore, we can offer you the best price for opening a company in the UAE and other related services without hidden fees and additional commissions. You can make sure by comparing our commercial offer with those of other companies.


Our trusted legal advisors have extensive and successful experience with cases in commercial, civil, criminal, labor, family, financial, insurance and maritime law. We undertake almost any task, from company registration and contract drafting to debt collection, complex litigation and corporate dispute resolution.

Over the years we have helped many companies to successfully resolve their legal and financial issues in the UAE. We grow and develop along with our clients, whose ranks include many global and well-known brands from the EU, CIS and the Middle East.



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Benefits of doing business in the UAE

Low Taxes and Free Zones

Unhindered capital flows

There is no tax on income, profits, dividends or salaries in the UAE. There is a small VAT for mainland companies, but it is only 5%. Moreover, companies registered in one of the numerous Free Zones don’t have to pay VAT.

Access to most countries

The local legal system guarantees unhindered movement of capital without strict currency controls. The UAE also actively develops operations with cryptocurrency, for which you can now buy real estate.

Strong reputation

A local business gives you an opportunity to work freely with companies from the EU and the US. It also opens up access to the countries of the Persian Gulf, with which the UAE has a common tax and customs area.

Financial and banking stability

UAE companies are trusted and respected by foreign partners and counterparties. UAE-registered businesses enjoy a strong reputation on the global market.

Zero corruption

A stable banking system, low inflation and a legally fixed US dollar exchange rate boost confidence in the future of any business.

Tax resident status

There is no risk of spontaneous inspections of businesses by local authorities or law
enforcement agencies.

Privacy and data security

UAE business owners get a tax resident status and gain protection from automatic exchange of tax information (CRS – Common Reporting Standard).

Safety and neutrality

Your personal data is protected thanks to classified shareholder registers and legal
concealment of beneficiaries.

There is no need to move to the UAE permanently if you want to open and run a business in the country. However, many people are attracted by the safety and high living standards, coupled with ample opportunities for personal development and education of children.



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